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Why a HCP

Southern Shot and Steel is the oldest State of Tennessee certified Handgun Carry Permit firearms training school in Fayetteville TN , Lincoln County TN. , whether you want to get your Tennessee handgun carry permit , advanced firearms training , or self defense training we have courses that will meet and far exceed your needs . All of our courses have flexible schedules we at Southern Shot and Steel believe that everyone should have a chance to obtain their Handgun Carry Permit not just those that get off on the weekends , therefore we strive to help you with scheduling a course to fit your schedule . We have classes on the weekends and through the week . We also have a monthly women’s only Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Courses and a Rape prevention course . Our lead instructor is NRA and state of Tennessee certified and has over 20 yrs. experience in training civilians , military , and law enforcement in the proper use of firearms , tactics and armed and unarmed self defense ( combatives training) .We did not make the world the way it is you either learn the skills to survive the dangers that are there or you succumb to them and become a victim . We strive to give you the skill sets to survive in an ever increasingly dangerous and violent world our training is experienced based and proven in the reality of violent life or death encounters. Our curriculum strives to have an equal mix of mental and physical training in them. We believe that though you may want to obtain your handgun permit to carry concealed in the state of Tennessee and states that have reciprocity with Tennessee , that your training should not stop there , because having a concealed carry permit , to allow you to carry your handgun on you doesn't necessarily make you safer unless you have additional training in the use of that handgun. Southern Shot and Steels mission is to provide you with that additional training in order to make your CCW better work for you and increase your chances of surviving a lethal force encounter . Be honest with yourself if you see the need to carry a handgun , you already recognize that you need to protect yourself wouldn’t you want to be able to use it to the best of your ability . Southern Shot and Steel is here for you !
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